Let me help you buy your dream home with my Home Inspection.
I have thirty years experience,I have done over one thousand home inspections.
Starting at $200
Let me help you make your dream home a reality. Certified in Minnesota,licensed in Wisconsin. Responce within 48 hours.
 Complete report done on site.
Call or Text to 651-470-3955.
Or Email to    

A home inspection is a visual inspection But with my experience i can see through walls and give you a good understanding of the house. 
Complete home inspection,Realestate Inspections and property inspection services.
Home Inspections and Realestate Inspections are done from Top to bottom inside and out and all around.My home inspections and Realestate Inspections cover every aspect of a house and its property.Your homes is inspected from roofs to foundations and everything in between, from drainage to landscaping is inspected and reported on.

Home maintenance inspections and Realestate inspections.
Can be individule parts ,such as roof or walls or foundations. Or I can do a full home inspection
or Realestate Inspection.
To let you know if anything or everything from the Home Inspection is in need of repair,Or has been dammaged by mother nature or other means. As a home inspector/Realestate Inspector I can see things that alot of contractors and others don't.
Home inspection/ Home energy audit.
This type of home inspection checks the tiny things to save you money.
A no nonsence, no frills approach to help you save money and conserve energy.
From roof vents to foundation insulation I will let you know what will help.
   I have thirty years in the trades, Doing home inspections,Property inspections, re-habs remodling, repairs and building maintenance. I heve worked on every aspect of a house. As a home inspector I look at Roofs, Walls, foundations, Inside and out. Having worked on all of this over the years I an well equipt to know what is behind all of those walls and ceilings, and in every nook and cranny.
  There are people out there who have taken a two week home inspection class and are calling them selves home inspectors and Realestate Inspectors .
I have woked in on and around houses all of my life. I also took a full year of home inspector training and schooling. Just to get started as a home nspector.                                                 
   I took and Passed the national home inspector examination.
I have a certification for home inspections in minnesota.And I have done different Realestate Inspections for thirty years
   I am licensed for Home inspections in the state of wisconsen. 
With thirty plus years in the trades I think I am the one you need as a Home Inspector
   With my wonderful wife and two great kids we are a family owned and operated company.
We have a complete home service company. From home inspections to cleaning. Handyperson to grass cutting and snow shoveling.We can take care of all your needs.
With personal service keeping you in mind.
                                                                Thank You for reading , have a great day.
                                                                                  Jerry Linke


JLs Home Services
Home Inspections
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Home Inspector

                    Jerry Linke
     Home Inspector

A Home inspector
passionate about
Home Inspections.
Property Inspections.
Real Estate Inspections
Maintenance Inspections.
Energy Audits.
All of your Home Inspection Needs.
With The care, experience and knowlage to Inspect your home
With personalized service.
Looking out for you.
Satisfaction gaurenteed.
Available 7 Days a week
6 a.m.-10 p.m.
365 days a year.
                  Home Inspection
Jerry Linke

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